Today I did this to save the world.

[this message will be in english]

I’m currently in Leksand for the international conference ReWork the World. 1700 people involved in sustainable world development have gathered for 4 days to exchange ideas, extend their networks and gain inspiration to make a difference.

I’ve met so many passionate entrepreneurs, ingenious innovators and inspiring social leaders from Sweden, Kenya, Spain, Chile, UK and from all over the world. When people like these gather, it’s hard to the organizers to fail. I’ve gotten many new friends, new business contacts, and ideas – and had a great time doing it.

Yet, there have been so many thoughts tearing my mind the last few days. We have so much to do, it can sometimes be overwhelming. An unstable economy, record high youth unemployment, devastating oil spills in the gulf and a middle eastern conflict looking more unsolvable than ever. What can we really do? What can I really do?

Stepping back and looking at the big picture can be useful, but sometimes overwhelming. I think we should put more focus on not only talking about changing the world, but doing it. As much as you need to have long term visions and grand plans, you also need to set up short term, focused sprints to actually get somewhere. Sometimes you just have to lower your head and run full speed with your eyes closed.

I’ve been thinking about a thousand things I wanted to say in my next blog post, but I guess this is it:

Don’t think – do.

I wanted to bring something to the table at ReWork the World, so I got together with my friends Gustav Svalander and Jens Østgaard and decided to create something to put focused on doing. The result is “Today i did THIS to save the World” (, a simple website where you can share your good deeds with the world to inspire your friends to also focus on doing those small or big actions that bring us closer to a better world.

So, my question to you is:

What did you do to save the world today?

Entrepreneurially Yours,

Gustaf Josefsson