Gustaf Josefsson Tadaa

Gustaf develops and supports leaders in building self-managing organizations, and has 20 years of experience building companies and communities. He is one of Sweden’s most frequently hired futurist speakers.
As a speaker, he addresses how rapid technological evolution impacts society, organizations and individuals, bridging the philosophical and practical aspects of participating in the modern world. He has done over 300 corporate keynotes over 10 years, was nominated Breakthrough Speaker of the Year in Sweden 2017 and ran his own variety show “In the Future, We All Wear Tights” in Stockholm 2018.
Gustaf also has a long experience of facilitating group processes. With a large toolbox and experience of self organization, he helps groups have the conversations they wish to have, in a context that provides emotional safety and umpires to new thoughts.
He has an academic background in cognitive science, rhetoric, chemistry, law, biomedical engineering and business. He is one of the co-creators of The Borderland, Europes largest self-organized festival with 3200 members. He started Makerspark, Stockholms first 3D Print Shop, has been the chair for Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden and is on the board of Kulturbryggan, a part of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and acts as corporate philosopher of the toy company Strawbees.

“Gustaf Josefsson is what I call a ’voice of a generation’.
He does not only speak about, but live and breathe the future”

– Alexander Bard, author and philosopher


Gustaf has become is one of Sweden’s most frequently hired keynote speakers. He uses storytelling to help us make sense of the world and the rapid transformation it is going through. Every talk is tailored to the specific audience. Here are some of the topics that Gustaf is most frequently booked to speak about.

The Transformation Age

… in which we spend more time changing what we do, than we get to spend doing it.

Themes: Change, Perspectives, Epic Storytelling.

Entertaining and insightful stories about the history and nature of change. Why are we experiencing such rapid change now, and how can we as a society, as an organization or an individual handle all this uncertainty? We keep hoping that the next change will bring us stability, yet it seems that every break we get is shorter than the last one. How can we create a feeling of security and belonging when everything is always changing?

The Evolving Organization

… where we all free to be responsible.

Themes: Organizational Development, Leadership, Experimentation, Lean/Agile/Teal

Our faster spinning world puts new demands on organizations. A new generation of consumers, a new generation of workers come with new demands and different skillets. The complexity of the “workplace” is higher than ever, causing stress and confusion, while providing us with many new opportunities.
How do we take advantage of the fact that our employees are more competent now than ever before in the history of humanity, and what does “competence” mean in this context? How do we create a meaningful workplace were colleagues empower each other to take initiative? How do we demand freedom and take responsibility? What are the new essential skills, insights and practices for those working in these ever-changing organizations?

Digital Self-Leadership

… is the artificial intelligence taking over, or did it already take over?

Themes: Psychology, Digital Tools, Practical Personal Development.

Humanity have always been intricately entangled with our technology. Now the border between the physical and the digital is beginning to dissolve completely. But how does it “feel” to become more digital?
What practical skills do people have to develop to thrive in the digital world? How do we deal with the addictive aspects of technology and make sure we develop tools that empower us, rather than controls us?


Rise of the Digital Nervous System

Rise of the Digital Nervous System

Filmed at Trondheim Developer Conference, October 2016. 44 min.
Framtidens utbildning

Framtidens utbildning

Föreläsning från Campus Stockholm, October 2015. 23 min. (Swedish)
Framtidens Arbetsliv

Framtidens Arbetsliv

Nyhetsmorgon, 2018. 8 min. (Swedish)

Leadership training

Gustaf has 10 years of experience helping entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate executives. He provides personal coaching, and collaborates with a network of brilliant minds to provide longer trainings for both individuals and groups. This includes facilitating workshops and team development sessions, as well as longer individual coaching programs with a combination of face-to-face and Skype meetings.

Please feel free to shoot us an email at guff@guff.se to book a cost free meeting.


Gustaf Josefsson Tadaa
+46 709 854979

Guff Innovation Lab AB
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111 52 Stockholm

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Photo: Peter Sundberg
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